Source: IHRC

IHRC has taken notice deeply disturbing video1 circulating on social
media made by a Pakistan based hate organisation Khatmae
Nabuwat http://www.khatmenabuwwat.com.pk, in which not only
Ahmadi Muslims, but all the human rights defenders, advocates and
policticans, are the target of hate speech.
A wave of bigotry against Ahmadis has intensified since the start of this
year. From vandalism of mosques to the brutal execution of elderly peaceful
worshippers at a Mosque in Burkina Faso to Police in Pakistan forcing
Ahmadis to demolish Minarets from their own Ahmadiyya Mosque.

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  1. This is very sad!
    Interesting that when hate speak flourishes-about Jews you say nothing and have said nothing other than blaming the victim. The Jews. Now that it hits you then you respond!
    Shame on you

  2. Dear Dr Sam Sussman. Thanks for your comments which are appreciated. However to put the record correct, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam always raises the voice against religious and humanity oriented hatred and will continue to do so. If you have any specific example where Jewish related hatred was not condemned can quote.

  3. Totally wrong meaning of khatam e nabiyyeen. These ignorant mullah making business and riding luxury vehicles living in mansions and lofty and luxurious lifestyles by using the name of religion and selling hate. These mullahs are azab e ilahi on Pakistan and other countries

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