Russia accelerates movement of military hardware towards Ukraine, satellite images show

Source: CNN

The same area on February 6. Experts say it looks like a considerable amount of the military equipment has now departed Yelnya.

(CNN)New satellite imagery obtained by CNN shows that a large base which held Russian tanks, artillery and other armor near the Ukrainian border has been largely emptied, with the equipment apparently being moved much closer to the frontier in recent days.

The base is at Yelnya, southeast of the city of Smolensk and some 160 miles from the Ukrainian border. Large amounts of weaponry were moved there late in 2021 — including some 700 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and ballistic missile launchers.

Much of that equipment is now gone, according to radar satellite imagery acquired on February 6. Cloud cover had prevented photographic imagery of the site for several days previously. The images show the tracks of departing vehicles.

Stephen Wood, senior director at satellite imagery company Maxar, told CNN: “It looks to me like a considerable amount of the vehicles [tanks, self-propelled artillery and other support vehicles] have departed from the northeastern vehicle park; additional armored vehicles departed from the more central vehicle park.”


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  1. I wonder if this is another one of the USA’s many wars all around the world trying to keep its war industry going? Like attacking Iraq many years ago on the pretext of them having weapons of mass destruction when even their experts claimed that they had which they didn’t!

    If the West and the rest of the world have signed an agreement regarding climate change and what they need to do, ceasing endless wars is one of them for they are the biggest causes of global warming.

    Therefore, they should not be behaving aggressively towards each other but finding other more peaceful and civilized ways of dealing with their endless differences.

    • This is another Ahmadiyah Muslim hate toward USA—
      You should appreciate US people who wellcomo you all to live in peace and prosperity compare Pakistan where you came from..

      God bless Ahmadiyah with the truth Amen ❤️

      • We are for full justice at all times. Therefore we appreciate the peace and prosperity granted to the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the West, however, that does not compel us to ignore injustices when they occur … anywhere.

  2. By saying that you need to look at Saudi, Iran, Gulf States Indonesia, Pakistan etc You must expose unjustice there — instead of the West and USA—

    How bad Islamic countries have been treating Christian and Ahmadiyah since decades. There is no freedom to practice your faith and Chrustian’s faith…

    I suggest themuslimtimes to expose the unjustice in Islamic countries frequently and never stop until there is freedom of religion. Ok

    God bless ahmafiyah with the teuth Amen 🙏❤️

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