It’s not enough to believe God exists

Source: Christianity Today

I readily admit to being a Tom Hanks fan. In my opinion he is an outstanding actor, and the universal acclaim he receives is well deserved. You only need to watch Forrest Gump to appreciate that! It should come as no surprise then, to discover that his name has real pulling power. Indeed this celebrity factor was clearly evident in the reaction I witnessed to the recent story about his son Chet’s ‘life changing encounter’ with God.

I must admit I was hugely encouraged when I first began to read his story because I am always thrilled to hear of people coming to faith, whatever their family pedigree and whatever their religious background. I was especially delighted to find that his encounter with ‘the divine’ had had such positive impact on his life too. Things can only get better when anger and hate are replaced by hope and peace and love.

But the more I read the more I began to wonder how much Chet Hanks knows about the Christian faith or whether he had simply realised that God is no figment of the imagination. Comments such as these have raised questions for me.

“It was at that moment,” he said, “that was the birth of my spiritual life, that was when I was overcome. I knew, OK, no, there is something else out there. There is a higher power, there is a higher intelligence because it felt like it just tapped me on the shoulder.”


Suggested Reading by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times:

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  1. Until the prophet of Islam appeared one could stick to the diverse faiths prevalent in Christianity. However after the revelation of the last divine book of God, the Holy Quran, the myth should have been cleared. Jesus was just a human being and a great Prophet of God who was sent as the final messenger to the children of Israel. Unfortunately Jews did not recognize him and wanted to crucify him to prove as an impostor.  God came to the rescue of his beloved messenger and Jesus survived. Later he migrated to Kashmir India in search of lost tribes of Israel and after having accomplished his mission he died a natural death and his tomb is in the city of Srinagar, in Indian held Kashmir.The Basis of Christianity is the wrong assumption that Jesus sacrificed his life for his followers to be declared sin free on the day of judgment. This wrong assumption is now gradually feeding out and days are approaching fast when Chrisitans will realise the hollowness of this assumption. Promised Messiah, in the person Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, has already appeared in 1889. He established his community in the name of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat which is growing with each day. This promised Messiah, in extreme clear words, has explained the wrong allegations and presumptions prevalent about Jesus Christ. It is now ripe time to read and research the writings of the Promised Messiah rather than supporting the old misconceptions.
    Witnessing the existence of living God these days has been conditioned with the belief in already appeared Promised Messiah and his Master prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace of upon him). Rather than wasting time following wrong assumptions better would be to recognize the prevalent truth.

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