Dr A Wahab Adam, Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana, honored by UN!

Dr A Wahab Adam, Head of Ahamdiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana.
By Zubair Khan
Nature has a unique phenomenon of rewarding those who very honestly and sincerely devote their God given capabilities for the uplift of humanity.  Some times such reward is given materially, some times high respect, dignity and honor is bestowed and some times with extreme satisfaction of inner conscience. Dr A Wahab Adam, Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana is also one such special person on this planet, who in spite of in his seventies looks, dashes like a young tiger and  never misses a chance to accept any challenge aimed to up lift humanity. How his honest and sincere intent to uplift humanity has been rewarded one can see on the reverse side of his visit card which already is decorated with eight such distinctions and UN has now added another distinction to his credentials. Recently he has been selected for an assignment by UNDP, a UN Agency based in Accra. The assignment is known as UN human security program steering committee member for a period of two years. In this new assignment he will be representing the National Peace Council of Ghana on that Committee. His new assignment will include food security, job creation, empowerment of women, opportunities for education, health care and the enjoyment of the basic freedoms and human rights guaranteed by the UN charter.

Four places in three regions of Ghana have been selected for this particular program. The towns involved are Yendi, Bawku, Tamale and Wa. These towns are in 3 regions in the northern part of Ghana. The task of the steering committee is to advise and ensure that the basic freedoms and rights that enhance peace in any given area are enjoyed in the regions. On behalf of the Muslim Times congratulation to  Dr Wahab Adam and special prayers for his success in new assignment.


9 replies

  1. Heartiest congratulations to Dr A Wahab Adam. He is really a becon of light to follow. God may bless him with healthier long life. Amin

  2. Congratulation to Dr A Wahab Adam.May Almighty Allah bless him and his family and nation a peaceful, happy, healthy and wealthy long life. Amin

  3. My deep hearty felicitations to our amiable Dr.(Maulvi) and Amir A.Wahab Adams. May good Almighty Allah give him good health,long live and Solomon’s wisdom to do this assignment successfully.
    Dr, Abdul Wahab is a champion of Islam, we pray for more Wahab Adams in our community.
    Dr.A.W.Adam -Zindabad!

  4. May Allah Bless Abdul Wahab Sahib, a great man with as shining spotless heart as his shining white spotless outfit.:)
    may Allah be with you always. Amen

  5. Dr Abdul Wahab Saheb.
    Islam is a perfect religion and we as Ahmadis we have to be a model .If each one tries to be a model just like you. we achieve our objective
    May Allah bless you all to follow the footsteps of brother Abdul wahab

  6. With Thankful prayers to Almighty Allah Congratulate
    Respected Dr. Wahab Sahib and pray for his success in new assignment and his healthy, long and purposeful life

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