Monkey Mail: An End to Religious Intolerance at Last

Jakarta Globe:

The subject of religious tolerance is a vexed one, but I’ve found out what the problems are and how to solve them. I never thought it could be so easy. Once this is published I’m pretty sure it’ll be a matter of days before peace and harmony descends on Tanah Air’s trouble spots and I’m called in to sort out the Middle East mess.

This is how it came about. “I don’t like Buddhism,” said a Muslim friend. “The temples are so dusty because of all the ash from the candles.”

“If the places were tidied up a bit, would you consider liking it?” I enquired.“Maybe.”

This exchange, deeply focused on the core beliefs of one of the world’s largest religions, got me thinking. If we extrapolated, or “scaled up” as scientists like to say, from these findings it was clear that tidy temples would go a long way towards winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim citizens of Tanah Air.

I decided to push this beyond a “Tidy Temples” campaign and see if I could sort out the enmity between Catholics and other Christians so I extended the survey to a friend of the former persuasion.

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