Palestine, the UN and international law

“Membership in the United Nations is open to all other peace-loving states,” notes the UN Charter. The admission depends on “a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council”, the Charter continues. The conditions sound feasible, but for Palestine the reality of international politics has been blocking its way into the world institution for decades.

Democracy for Palestine will not work

Fearing a delegitimisation of Israel, the Obama administration has already indicated t will veto a decision of the Security Council to grant Palestine statehood. The US still hopes for a prior comprehensive peace agreement. An open debate on the Middle East is scheduled in the Security Council for July 26. From the angle of international law, it will be hard not to grant UN membership to Palestine.



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  1. Are we recognizing democratic right of people to spread Jihad of sword and right to kill an infidel? I would like to see Palestinians constitution or similar document regarding freedom of speech and religion for all its residents. Non-Muslims are constantly threatened by their Jihadi ideology and support of terrorism. To receive my vote, the Palestinian Administration will have to unambiguously prove that it does not support Jihad by Sword or terrorism in any shape and poses no danger to its “peace-loving” inhabitants. Otherwise, a Palestinian State could be an open threat to peace of humanity.

  2. I tried to express the true Islamic view of peace and nonviolence, politely with reason. I asked about Palestinian vision of democratic values about life, liberty, freedom of speech, race and religion. I expressed neither Israeli deception nor their conviction. It is disingenuous. Please do not label me “Pro Israel voice”. I understand this forum is partial and it is politically incorrect to express a balanced opinion.

  3. The report is not meant to reflect Pro Israel or Pro Palestinian views. It is to highlight how the Democracy goes in institutions which means one vote equals one say.

    A large majority of world will vote for Palestine who are asking for recognition at a place which once was entirely their own land and home. World knows it will not work.

    The freedom enjoyed by Ahmadiyya Community in Israel outweighs Ahmadiyya rights in Arab World.

  4. Israel and Palestine are an interesting challenge for us. I think what we are trying is to portray what is right and what is wrong on each side. On the Israel side what is right is its treatment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat’s right to run its own mosque and Jamaat. This is lacking on the Palestinian side. And we can and do say so. In the same way on the Palestinian side we can support their human rights and point out where they are in need of improvement.

    In this connection: Sir Mohammed Zafarullah Khan was a great supporter of Palestinian and Arab aspirations, even though they did not support the Ahmadiyya cause. Just to reflect…

  5. I was in Palestine last month. I felt it myself. I pray that enlightened word rejects any democratic right to kill an infidel or any democratic right to spread Jihad by sword. These extremist ideologies have caused enough loss of life and property of innocents, all over the world. No more comments. Thanks.

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