Day: July 20, 2011

Strong Sales Help Extend Apple Streak

SAN FRANCISCO — Strong sales to shoppers in emerging markets and to business customers helped Apple extend its lengthy streak of stellar performance in its earnings report on Tuesday. Even without introducing any major new products, the company attracted legions of consumers in the fiscal third quarter. Profits doubled, and […]

Scientology losing Swiss support: experts

The Church of Scientology is rapidly losing support in Switzerland, and the number of members is declining, religious experts say. According to a report in the SonntagsZeitung newspaper, theologist Georg Otto Schmid, an expert on sects, said that support for Scientology is “shrinking.” “I would imagine that the sect will […]

Kazakh president in German hospital

Source: Daily Times Pakistan BERLIN: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is in hospital in Germany, but it is unclear what he is being treated for, the Bild daily reported on Tuesday. The 71-year-old “secretly” checked himself into the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in northern Germany, and is being guarded by a […]

Rebellions on the road to Damascus

Source: // THE events rocking Rupert Murdoch’s media empire have been compared to the ‘Arab Spring’. That may be an exaggeration, but there is at least one respect in which the analogy isn’t spurious: the British political establishment appears to have overcome its fear of Murdoch. // The […]

US war debt dances on the ceiling

Source: Asiatimes on line. No one knows the true cost in blood and treasure of the United States’ open wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and covert conflict in Pakistan over the past 10 years, but a recent report’s estimates of 225,000 dead and US$4 trillion spent may prove too conservative. […]

Ordination of a new bishop of Shantou

Source:Asiatimes on Line. SINOGRAPH The ordination of a new bishop of Shantou without papal blessing exposes simmering fissures between China and the Holy See in which the possibility of an objectively schismatic Church of China is becoming quite real. Now more than ever, all Catholics in China would be served […]