Way to deal with hate crimes, if Pakistani Judiciary is watching: Looming execution of 9/11 revenge killer

(CNN) — As Mark Anthony Stroman faces execution Wednesday for the killing of an Indian man in revenge for the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, one of the jurors who sentenced him to death and one of his surviving victims are among those calling on Texas officials to spare his life.

Stroman, 41, made national headlines after he fatally shot Vasudev Patel during a shooting rampage after the 9/11 attacks. An admitted white supremacist, Stroman targeted those he believed were Middle Eastern in revenge for the attacks. A Pakistani man, Waqar Hasan, was also murdered, and a Bangladeshi man, Rais Bhuiyan, was seriously wounded.

“I cannot tell you that I am an innocent man. I am not asking you to feel sorry for me, and I won’t hide the truth,” Stroman told CNN in a recent interview.

“I am a human being and made a terrible mistake out of love, grief and anger, and believe me, I am paying for it every single minute of the day.”

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  1. “And the recompense of an injury is an injury the like thereof; but whoso forgives and his act brings about reformation, his reward is with Allah. Surely, He loves not the wrongdoers.” (Al Quran 42:41)

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