Day: July 25, 2011

Sex selection: The forgotten story

Source: BBC News A strong socio-cultural preference for boys in conservative Asian societies is blamed for most of the sex selection. In overwhelmingly patriarchal India, dowry makes daughters expensive. China’s one-child policy is thought to be a trigger as women abort girls to have a single boy. Amniocentesis tests and ultrasound scans have […]

Country profile: Iraq

Iraq, in an area once home to some of the earliest civilisations, became a battleground for competing forces after the US-led ousting of President Saddam Hussein in 2003. The Shia-led government struggled to restore order until a “surge” of US troops in late 2007 began to push insurgents and militias […]

Demolished Home Rebuilt in Al-Walajeh

Al-Walajeh – PNN – Palestine News Network – People gathered in Al-Walajeh village near Bethlehem Saturday night to celebrate the rebuilding of a family’s home that was destroyed by the Israeli army seven years ago. The family served coffee and thanked the crowd of around 60 people for coming. Sami […]

Famine and abundance rub shoulders in Ethiopia

by Philipp Hedemann in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Infosud/ While millions of people in the Horn of Africa suffer a terrible drought, foreign investors are harvesting tonnes of cereals to be exported to Asia and the Gulf states. reports from western Ethiopia on farmland leased by an Indian entrepreneur, where […]

Norway Terrorist ‘has accomplices’

Norwegian police are investigating claims by Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out Friday’s twin attacks in Norway, that he has “two more cells” working with him. Mr Breivik made the claim as he attended his first court hearing following the bombing in Oslo and a massacre on an island […]

Sitting in Israel, seeing Norway

Mia Habib tries to make sense of misplaced irony in Norwegians, Israelis reaction to tragic weekend events in Oslo …….. As a Norwegian in Israel, I have spent my time on Facebook catching the Norwegian reactions to the attacks and reading news non-stop. I would like to refer to quotes […]

Editorial: Terror strikes Norway

The Jakarta Post Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway following the death of more than 90 people in two separate, but most likely coordinated, attacks on Friday. News of the bomb attack at the prime minister’s office in Oslo was later followed by reports of […]

Eco-terrorists jailed over foiled IBM attack

by Jessica Dacey, and agencies Three environmental activists have been jailed for over three years each for plotting the bombing of the IBM nanotechnology centre in Switzerland. A 26-year-old Swiss-Italian from Ticino and an Italian couple aged 29 and 34 were found guilty by the Federal Criminal Court of […]

Mosques prepare for Ramadan

By MD RASOOLDEEN | ARAB NEWS RIYADH: Extensive arrangements are being made in mosques Kingdomwide to accommodate the additional rush of worshipers during the holy month of Ramadan. The department of mosques that functions under the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance has directed imams and muezzins in […]