Sitting in Israel, seeing Norway

Mia Habib tries to make sense of misplaced irony in Norwegians, Israelis reaction to tragic weekend events in Oslo

…….. As a Norwegian in Israel, I have spent my time on Facebook catching the Norwegian reactions to the attacks and reading news non-stop. I would like to refer to quotes from Norwegians on Facebook reacting to the attacks.

Demonizing Oslo gunman?

“The idea of nationhood based on distinction between what’s one’s ‘own’ and what’s other/foreign met its grotesque terminal conclusion yesterday. Don’t demonize the ‘madman’; listen closely how some of our exasperated rhetoric echoes some of those very notions that drove him.”

All races have same color of blood

This quote was taken from one of my friends on Facebook after the two tragic terror attacks. It points at the internal soul searching Norway might have to do, by looking beyond the fact that this seems to be the work of an “insane” individual, and into some of the communities he has been or is affiliated with in Norway.

Right-wing extremism is growing all over Europe and in Norway as well. For some years now, Islamophobia has taken roots in Norway and fueled right winged groups as well as the common Norwegian. A fear that Islamists will hit on Norway with their terror has become the extreme right-wing movements’ slogan for recruiting more citizens to their cause. A cause for a less multicultural Norway; and, sadly enough of these notions can be found among the Norwegian people – and not only among the extreme right.

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