Day: July 23, 2011

China train crash kills 32

At least 32 people have died after a high speed train crashed into a stalled train in China‘s eastern province of Zhejiang on Saturday, causing four carriages to fall off a bridge. Source: Guardian Another 200 people have been taken to hospital following the accident which occurred after the first […]

Tall people are healthier

New research shows that if you’re above average height you’re general standard of health will be higher too, although you are slightly more at risk from certain cancers. Not only do tall people have an advantage when it comes to reaching stuff on high shelves, it turns out they’re healthier […]

The thrill of discovery There was a time, not very long ago, when all we had by way of translations in India were the Jatak katha, Panchatantra, Gita or Mahabharata in English. The launch of Penguin India in the mid-1980s and the publication of Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas, the seminal Partition novel translated from […]

Khar says no need for cajoling on militancy NUSA DUA, Indonesia: Pakistan’s new foreign minister, who held talks on Saturday with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said the two countries shared the strategic objective of combating terror groups and Islamabad did not need any cajoling on the issue. Hina Rabbani Khar also told reporters on the […]

Oslo, Muslims again! Or weren’t they … perhaps … maybe they … it could be that it appears to have been … a … Norwegian? Well, never mind, it doesn’t matter who did it really, let’s talk about something else… uhmm, what’s the wheather like today

Zero Hedge Saturday, July 23, 2011 Comment: Within barely an hour of the attack, the New York Times had blamed “Al-Qaeda” for an attack that turned out to be the work of a lone madman. Perhaps it is time for the Telegraph to issue a retraction to its kneejerk publication […]

30,000 converge for International Islamic conference

Ahmadi Muslims must desire and work towards the betterment of the countries in which they live The 45th Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat UK began today at the vast Oaklands Farm site in Alton known as ‘Hadeeqatul Mahdi’. The three day international event has attracted global interest with around 30,000 delegates […]

Scores killed in Norway attacks

At least 84 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a deadly bombing in the capital, Oslo, police say. Police have charged a 32-year-old Norwegian man over both attacks. The man dressed as a police officer was arrested on tiny Utoeya island […]

A husband’s tribute

source:times of india on line. // For more than two decades PC Singhi battled cancer, the best prosecutors in the country and a frustratingly slow judiciary to seek justice for his wronged, dead wife. For the first time in 24 years, 83-year-old Padam Chandra Singhi slept soundly last week. The […]

Case of cruel Intentions

source:times of india // Couples across the country file for divorce on grounds of ‘mental cruelty’. What does the term mean? TOI-Crest explores. All cruelty springs from weakness, ” said Roman philosopher Seneca. Words that ring true even today. They hold good not just when cruel acts are committed to […]

Should you Jog or Walk?

source:times of india on line. Should you walk or jog? The debate is never ending! Which one is better for you? Which one will help you lose weight faster? The fact remains that jogging does burn more calories than walking. But simply because of that fact, we tend to ignore […]