What was on the mind of the terrorist who struck in Norway?

Source / Credit: Al Arabiya News

It’s not always the chickens that come home to roost. Vultures do it too. Europe has always hated the American eagle, and is a reluctant partner in the current “War on Terror.”

On Friday, a new kind of terror wounded Oslo with an incomprehensible nightmare – a blue eyed, blond haired terrorist massacring schoolboys and planting bombs. Liberalism was the killer’s enemy of the killer – a rightwing Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik.

Muslims for Peace

What was on his mind when he pumped bullets into his own countrymen? Was he thinking his government is too soft on Islamists? Or that Norway has soft immigration rules? Was he a Scandinavian white supremacist?

Meanwhile, in macabre competition, an Islamic jihadist outfit plaintively claimed responsibility for the bombings, retaliation against the small contingent of Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan. Is Islamic terror in Europe becoming obsolete?

In the days to come, the truth will unravel. In that unknitting, old patterns of hatred will become visible.

Gentle, polite, charitable Norway with its pretty seaside towns like Bergen full of mountainside chalets and cafes that serve excellent lobster soup, and elegant cities like Oslo where painters and artists collect to debate the process of creativity has skeletons to hide. Like much of Europe.

Now the reverse is happening in Europe. It is the presence of Muslims in Europe that is the source of social panic and anger. The fear of being overwhelmed and alienated in their own country by outsiders who they think will breed terrorists. All this makes a fertile breeding ground for anti-Islamic neo-Nazism; after all Norway had a Nazi prime minister Vidking Quisling — the leader of the Norwegian Nazi party known as Nasjonal Samling — as head of government. What happened in Oslo Friday may be the early beginning of a new civil war ‑ Europeans fighting each other, both Muslim and Christian.

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3 replies

  1. Ravi Shankar writes in this article, “What happened in Oslo Friday may be the early beginning of a new civil war ‑ Europeans fighting each other, both Muslim and Christian.” I believe these remarks are alarmist and premature and only represent an exaggerated perception of Ravi.

  2. I believe the message of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, ‘Love for all and hatred for none,’ will help rescue humanity from different tensions and struggles in different parts of our global village, currently brewing and hiting boiling temperature, every so often!

  3. Well, I am worried that it might be only a question of time when such attacks are aimed at Muslims in Europe… (us included…), totally ironic of course, as we are strongly opposing all terror and are actively promoting peace.

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