The New World Order of Islam (8): Christianity has no programme

Christian nations do not act upon love preaching
Christianity no doubt preaches love, but Christian nations decline to act upon that teaching. If they had taken this teaching to heart, Europe should have presented a spectacle of perfect peace and not one of constant conflict and wars.

Christianity teaches religious principles are a curse
Christianity—having declared the Law to be a curse cannot put forward any definite programme. For, whatever the programme, it will be a part of the Law and hence a curse. Its enforcement will bring no relief to mankind but will only increase their misery. Christian nations appear to believe that Divine Law, however, brief and simple, is a curse, but laws made by man, however complex, are blessings.

Christianity profiles itself with whatever happens to be dominant
The result is that for want of anything better, whatever a successful and dominant Christian nation strives after is described as the Christian ideal, whatever philosophy may at any time be in the ascendant is called Christian philosophy, and whichever social system becomes prevalent or popular is called the Christian system.

If at any time Great Britain is predominant, it is the victory of Christian Socialism, if Germany comes to the fore it is also the victory of Christian Socialism and if the United States of America win the race for ascendancy, it equally is the triumph of Christian Socialism. Christianity is thus the ally of the successful and the victorious, so that whatever system becomes prevalent, it means the spread of Christian civilization.

Christian teachings can be completely inverted
At one time, for instance, the prohibition of divorce was a characteristic of Christianity. Today divorce is dearly prized among the Protestant nations. Their faith is thus like a wax model which may be moulded into any desired shape; there is no danger of its breaking apart. Christianity as a religion, therefore, never had and never will have a programme.

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, The New World Order of Islam (1942), Islam International Publications, Tilford UK 2005 (pdf); p. 52-53. Subheadings by Spiritual Change.

Note by the editor: Christian websites suggest that a horrible Now World Order Antichrist itself is threatening the pious Christian community with enslavement or annihilation. Whereas it has been Christianity which caused the problem in the first place.

As Christianity has no programme to defeat this Antichrist, the only hope these Christians offer now is “Rapture”, meaning that pious Christians such as themselves will disappear suddenly into heaven only to leave the world to tiranny. The message of the real Messiah however, presents a programme to save the world from tiranny by clear moral teachings and the spiritual reformation of mankind.

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