Day: July 10, 2011

Lebanon to fight Israel at U.N

BEIRUT: Lebanon said Sunday it would file a complaint with the United Nations against Israel, after the Jewish state approved a map of its proposed maritime borders, which Lebanon is calling an aggression and an infringement on its right to an exclusive economic zone. “For sure we will [file a […]

Churches Across America Read From the Quran

Washington, DC – Although negative stories of Islamophobia in the United States abound in news media, most Americans respect religious diversity. That’s why on Sunday, June 26, thousands of people across America joined together at dozens of churches and other houses of worship across the country. Congregants united to do […]

Murdoch’s muddle

Let’s hope phone-hacking scandin the UK will finally help rein in his evil empire Is this Britain’s own Watergate with consequences that could prove as disastrous for Cameron as they had been for Nixon? The prime minister may try hard to put up a brave face, pretending to be outraged […]

Picture of the Day

A three-week long camel race was opened at the Orfa Race Course in Taif on Friday. This is part of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture currently being celebrated in Taif. The winners in various items will be awarded 25 prizes,director of the festival Saud Al-Romi said on Saturday.  […]

Gandhians come thundering

Mossad agents dressed as Greek fishermen, sabotaged propellers and mistakenly blown-up pipelines were among farcical elements of the Second Freedom flotilla’s murky tale, and “sexy” Israel’s propaganda response was no less ludicrous or self-destructive. While the neo-rivalry Tel Aviv stoked between Greece and Turkey may end this adventure, the flotilla’s […]

Have you met yourself?

Sheikh Saud bin Al Thani is a passionate collector of art. Over the past few years, the sheikh — a cousin of the emir of Qatar — has been frantically buying artworks and objects related to the erstwhile Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar II of Indore, another passionate patron who led […]

Why we get tired by noon

Why do we get tired by noon? (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images) There is something about the post lunch hour, when a sense of boredom creeps in and time weighs so heavy that you can almost hear the clock tick. As the sun shines brightest upon the day, we feel an urge […]

How to protect your child online

Many internet security companies have created solutions to help parents keep track of their children’s online activities BANGALORE: When NikitaShenoy, a 38-year-old finance professional, realized her 14-year-old son is most of the time on the internet, she decided to keep track of him on cyber space.Aghast by the type of […]

A case of exploding with mangoes

  Oh Gosh, I fear the title of the blog will get many people to click through to this article. Well, that’s how crappy content goes viral on the internet! Write a catchy headline on a trending topic and fill it up with gibberish (and not to forget “Keywords!”) and […]

In praise of rightist Israel

A poll showing the strengthening of the “rightist-haredim” bloc was published here last weekend. According to the poll, under any circumstances we shall see the Likud leader elected for prime minister, and he would be able to choose a centrist or rightist coalition without having to contend with a hostile […]

Who is next in the line of Fire?

While talking to Media and as reported by the New York Times, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday, 07.07.2011, that he believed that the government of Pakistan had “sanctioned” the killing of a Pakistani journalist who had written scathing reports about the infiltration of Islamic militants into […]

How immigrants become “Muslims”

By Eveline Kobler and Alexander Künzle, Terror attacks, political manoeuvering by rightwing parties and oversimplification in the media explain why Muslims in Switzerland are perceived as a threat. The National Research Programme 58 study into religious pluralism says immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries have been singled out even though this group has […]