A case of exploding with mangoes


A case of exploding with mangoesOh Gosh, I fear the title of the blog will get many people to click through to this article. Well, that’s how crappy content goes viral on the internet! Write a catchy headline on a trending topic and fill it up with gibberish (and not to forget “Keywords!”) and then vigorously share it on various social media platforms. This ladies and gentlemen is one of the core strategies used by many content centered websites and blogs on the internet.

Have you ever had that woozy feeling in your head when you overstuff yourself with mangoes? Kind of makes you feel heavenly delusional doesn’t it? Much in the same way, websites that use (and abuse) the above mentioned strategy tend to get delusional about the quality of their content.

Simple fact: Just because something goes viral on the internet doesn’t mean its high quality content. When crappy content goes viral, it could only mean either of two things; that your audience is a victim of the “Popcorn Brain” effect or they’re sharing it with their friends just for laughs.

Enough about delusions, lets get back to our trending topic: mangoes in Pakistan during the summers. I’m pretty sure many of us have experienced a case of exploding with mangoes during this season but how much do we really know about the fruit? Most people are concerned about their weight, sugar levels, “Danay” (pimples) and of course managing to keep their clothes clean while devouring mangoes. However, let’s take a deeper look into what the mango has to offer in terms of nutrition and the health risks involved in extensive substance abuse.

Read More: http://www.dawn.com/2011/07/08/a-case-of-exploding-with-mangoes.html

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