Day: July 7, 2011

Of socialism and Islam

IS Islam compatible with socialism? The question is asked because to many ‘socialism’ means an atheistic philosophy, and at the very core of Islamic teachings is the belief in one God. How can then Islam and socialism go together? However, this is not the correct view. Many noted ulema had […]

Non-invasive embryo gene screen

Fertility doctors say they have found a non-invasive way to screen IVF embryos for genetic abnormalities. The current method involves taking cells from the embryo itself, which experts fear may be harmful. Now UK researchers say it is possible to run the same checks on cells surrounding the fertilised egg […]

Gene tests for IVF embryos legalised

Couples using in vitro fertilisation (IVF) can have embryos screened to ensure their child will not develop any serious hereditary disease or disability under a milestone law passed Thursday by Germany’s parliament. Within limits, couples will be allowed to have embryos meant for IVF implantation tested. Only healthy embryos would […]

How the bible was created

A computer program developed by an Israeli expert has given new hints as to the creation of the old and the new testament and their authors. The software analyses stile and choice of words in order to differentiate the various authors of the texts. This means that it is made […]

The TWAS South-South Fellowships Programme

The TWAS South-South Fellowships Programme provides over 300 fellowships each year tenable in developing countries such as Brazil, China, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan and Thailand for scientists from developing countries. Fellowships, for various lengths of time, are available for postgraduate, postdoctoral and advanced research.   For more details read […]

AFRICA: Mapping science, technology and innovation

To help African countries formulate policies for science development and promote knowledge-based socio-economic development, the first document mapping activities in science, technology and innovation in African countries has been launched. Published as the first in a series, the 136-page document, African Innovation Outlook 2010, was prepared by the African Science, […]

8 Missing in Mexico After Vessel Sinks

A charter fishing boat with 44 people aboard sank into the Sea of Cortez off Mexico on Sunday, leaving at least one person dead, the United States Coast Guard said. Eight people, seven of them Americans, were still missing late Monday night. “Initial reports from Mexico are that it was bad […]

Doctors Overuse Stents In Stable Patients

Now they tell us. Heart specialists who sifted through a registry of more than 600,000 people treated with catheters, inflatable balloons and stents to clear blocked coronary arteries found the procedures were used too often in patients with stable heart trouble. About 12 percent of the interventions in stable patients, […]

Marine Le Pen’s Populism for the Masses

Marine Le Pen’s Populism for the Masses French politician Marine Le Pen is attracting new voters to the National Front, the right-wing populist party founded by her father, by railing against immigration and globalization. With France’s elections a year away, Le Pen is already polling ahead of President Nicolas Sarkozy. […]

Fireworks trigger stress in war vets

July 02–The random pop-pop-pop of firecrackers will reach its seasonal peak with Monday’s Fourth of July celebrations, but this most patriotic — and pyrotechnic — holiday can drive many combat veterans away from parade routes and picnics. Rather than hang around the house for barbecues with friends, some veterans who […]

It’s Muslim kids, not parents, who are embracing a politicized Islam Natasha Fatah This summer, thousands of people will become new Canadian citizens. Many of them will be Muslims. They have come to Canada from every corner of the globe and, like my parents did 24 years ago, they will make this peaceful, progressive nation their home. My parents left […]