Day: July 19, 2011

Indonesia breaks mass wedding record

 The couples joining the mass wedding were of various ethnics and religion.  The youngest couple was aged 16, while the oldest was 86. JAKARTA – INDONESIA broke the world record for mass weddings when 4,501 couples got married at the Sports Palace of Senayan in Jakarta, local media reported on […]

Picture of the Day: Lake Saiful Muluk Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

 Source/Credit: Wikipedia, the free on-line encyclopaedia Lake Saiful Muluk (Urdu: سیف الملوک) is a lake located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley (34°52′37.34″N 73°41′37.71″E) near Naran. It is in the north east of Mansehra Districtin the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. At an altitude of 3,224 m (10,578 feet) above sea level it is amongst one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. The weather here […]

Who Needs Humans?

The IT model robot at iRobot Corp. headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts. Source: Newsweek Amid all the job losses of the Great Recession, there is one category of worker that the economic disruption has been good for: nonhumans. From self-service checkout lines at the supermarket to industrial robots armed with saws […]

My Life as the Devil’s Double

Source: Newsweek Karim Sahib / AFP-Getty Images (left); Courtesy of Karen YahiaLeft: Uday Hussein.; Right: Latif Yahia. During the late 1980s, I was working as an officer in the Iraqi Army when my commanding general received a letter that demanded I report to a palace in Baghdad within 72 hours. […]

Murdoch, Moody’s and Mandelbrot

CHAN AKYA Source: Asiatimes on Line. The scandal enveloping Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp echoes the evolution of the crisis in global markets, seen in the series of events that threatens to bring the United States’ credit rating down. In circumstances triggering conflict, lost credibility or a collapse in confidence, the […]