China executes corrupt Hangzhou and Suzhou officials

China has executed two officials from eastern cities after convicting them of corruption.

Xu Maiyong, a former vice-mayor of Hangzhou, and Jiang Renjie, who was vice-mayor of Suzhou, were put to death after their appeals were rejected.

Officials said Xu and Jiang took almost 300m yuan ($46m; £29m) by embezzling and taking bribes.

Corruption is one of the main causes of public discontent in China. Hundreds of officials are convicted every year.

But only a handful are executed, and it is extremely rare for two officials to be put to death on the same day.

Xu was said to be well known for his extravagant lifestyle – reports said investigators found gold bullion and expensive jewellery at his home.

State-run Xinhua news agency reported that he used his power to interfere with project contracts and to help companies and people obtain land, promotions and tax breaks.

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  1. Surgical amputation of a few fingers or a hand would have served the same purpose of deterring corruption and saving the integrity of financial system.

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