Day: July 11, 2011

The Teaching Company

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Libya: A campaign built on sand

With Gaddafi as determined as ever to cling to power in Libya, tensions between Nato’s member states are becoming increasingly exposed. Four months ago, when David Cameron led the international call for military intervention in Libya, the general assumption within government circles was that Col Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator, […]

Dadaab, the world’s biggest refugee camp

Desperation reigns amid the 380,000 refugees in Dadaab, a sprawling “tent city” in northeastern Kenya. Africa’s biggest refugee camp is home to more than 250,000 people who have fled the ongoing conflict in Somalia I am tying my shoelaces when the early morning call to prayer begins to sound over […]

Assad loyalists storm US and French embassies

Attackers smash windows and raise Syrian flag at US compound, but are driven back by security guards at French embassy. Supporters of the Syrian government have stormed the US and French embassies in Damascus, prompting strong condemnation by the two countries’ officials. Witnesses describing Monday’s assault said the attackers smashed […]

Christianity: Should it evolve into Islam?

With a tsunami of agnosticism and atheism sweeping across Europe and atrocities of terrorism sweeping through all the Muslim countries, the crying need for better Theism is being heard loud and clear through out the world! All Christian apologists highlight the dangers of atheism in their writings and speeches, but […]

Thinking proactively: Ahmadis have found their own solutions in Rabwah – Serving mankind irrespective of colour, creed or religion

RABWAH: When a fire broke out at a building in Chiniot, the district administration called the rescue service in Rabwah for help. The irony that the Chiniot building was owned by a member of the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat movement is not lost to Rabwah’s rescue services. A former tae kwon do instructor with the Pakistan Army, […]

Bad Borders, Good Neighbours

TODAY, as American, European, Russian and United Nations officials meet in Washington to discuss the future of the Middle East peace process, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, remains adamant that a peace deal premised on returning to Israel’s pre-1967 borders poses an unacceptable risk to its security. He is right: […]

The fog of (robot) war

With the decline of mass militaries and their possible replacement by machines, we may finally see that war is not just an extension of our needs and passions, however base or noble. In that sense, drones and other warrior robotics may do the world a strange favor: they may finally […]

Less US military aid to Pakistan harms relations, not army

A Pakistani paramilitary soldier secure an area as other troops move toward a forward base during a military operation against militants in Pakistan’s Khurram tribal region, Saturday, July 9, 2011. – AP Photo // ISLAMABAD: A US decision to suspend $800 million in military aid to Pakistan is more […]

The Hizb ut-Tahrir threat

THE arrest of Brig Ali Khan and four majors last month bring Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) into the spotlight. Though HT did not confirm or deny their links with itself, its spokesman in Pakistan said in a recent interview that the idea of resonates with officers of the armed forces. HT […]