Thinking proactively: Ahmadis have found their own solutions in Rabwah – Serving mankind irrespective of colour, creed or religion

RABWAH: When a fire broke out at a building in Chiniot, the district administration called the rescue service in Rabwah for help.

The irony that the Chiniot building was owned by a member of the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat movement is not lost to Rabwah’s rescue services. A former tae kwon do instructor with the Pakistan Army, Nadir Saidain says the fire service was started because the district administration refused to assist in rescue operations in Rabwah town.

The service, like many others in the area – such as a 200-bed guest house – is free. Other facilities, including a sports centre and swimming pool, are heavily subsidised.

Despite the ostracism of Ahmadis in mainstream society, the community’s facilities draw people of all faiths to Rabwah.

The gleaming 80-bed Tahir Heart Institute is one example. Over 80 per cent of its patients are not Ahmadis. Its head, Dr MMH Nuuri, says the hospital does not have any discriminatory policies. Admission forms do not ask for the patient’s religion, and preaching in the premises is not allowed.

Up to 300 people are treated daily, many of whom hide details of their visits. According to Dr Nuuri, “I overheard a patient talking on the phone and telling someone he was under treatment in Sargodha. The patient later said, ‘Sorry doctor, but if people know I am in Rabwah I will not be spared.’”

Treatment is free, but those who can afford it contribute towards the cost. Referrals come in from cardiologists across Pakistan, and it has attracted doctors from abroad to practice for short stints.

“Our doctors have to be committed towards their profession,” Dr Nuuri said. “Our philosophy is that the patient is always right and doctors have to abide by their wishes.”

Reminders of the government’s negligence are visible all over Rabwah.

The community has built new schools and provides scholarships and soft loans. As a result, Rabwah reportedly has a literacy rate of over 90 per cent.


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  1. Dr Nusrat Malik Sahiba once took me around her Gyny & Ob wards and I was surprised to know that most of the nursing staff has been trained by herself and the work carried out by these Nurse Aides was immaculate. Many came to volunteer.

    No discrimination is made between an Ahmadi or Non Ahmadi patient.

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