Day: July 15, 2011

Human rights in Islam

Credit/Source: It can safely be said that the modern western movement for recognising human rights started from 1100 CE in Britain and reached its fruition with the 1948 UN Charter of Human Rights. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran revealed to him introduced a new concept of human rights in […]

Syria: The Opposition and the Church – A Slap in the Face for the Pro-Democracy Movement

While church leaders pledge their support for the Assad regime, Christians in Syria are backing the protest movement for democratic change. The endorsement of the regime’s propaganda slogans by the representatives of the churches puts them in an increasingly precarious position, as Claudia Mende reports. Source:   In their official […]

Made in Germany – Turning on the bright lights

The Local’s series Made in Germany presents the best the country has to offer, including high-end lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Source: From luxury cars to precision machinery, “Made in Germany” still means quality craftsmanship around the world. But the Teutonic attention to detail goes far beyond engineering. This series features a […]

Basel plans care provision for elderly Muslims

by Abdelhafidh Abdeleli, If Spanish and Italian immigrants have their own old age care homes, why should elderly Muslims not have similar institutions? The relevant parties appear to be in agreement on the urgent need for special health and social services, but views differ on how to achieve them. […]

Thousands march for Palestine in Jerusalem

by Yair Altman Ynetnews Israeli, Palestinian activists march along line that divided Jerusalem in 1967, call for establishment of Palestinian state. Organizers say they will not resort to violence Some 2,000 people are taking part in a march for the independence of Palestine in east Jerusalem. The organizers of the […]

Taliban tell why Ahmad Wali had to di

Source/Credit. Asia Times on Line. Kandahar provincial council chief Ahmad Wali Karzai, assassinated on Tuesday, had his fingers in every conceivable pie in the southern regions of Afghanistan, and was no stranger to double-dealing and the darker side of the law. Only one thing mattered to the Taliban – Wali […]

Fount of Wisdom!

Tapping the Knowledge of Germany’s Water Sommelier By Barbara Supp Gregor Schlaeger Water sommelier Jerk Martin Riese samples different waters in Hamburg’s Redroom cocktail bar. Should you drink Tasmanian rainwater with your Riesling? Or would Norwegian spring water be the perfect thing to cleanse your palate between courses? Germany’s water […]

Europe cash cocoa: Market down on Ghana sale Europe cash cocoa: Market down on Ghana sale AMSTERDAM, July 15 (Reuters) – Price differentials in Europe’s cash cocoa market eased this week as the world’s second-largest producer Ghana stepped up sales, traders said. Ghana differentials were at about 115 pounds ($185.8) over London nearby cocoa futures contracts LCCc1, […]

S.Africa petroleum group says union delays talks S.Africa petroleum group says union delays talks JOHANNESBURG, July 15 (Reuters) – The South African Petroleum Industry Association said on Friday the largest of the unions in a strike that has caused fuel shortages in Africa’s largest economy was delaying talks to Monday. “CEPPWAWU (Chemical Energy Paper Printing Wood […]