Pakistan: A Country with worst Religious intolerance Enshrined in the Law!

Source/Credit: Reuters

By Myra MacDonald

RABWAH, Pakistan |         Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:04am EDT

RABWAH, Pakistan (Reuters) – At the office of what claims to be one of Pakistan’s oldest newspapers, workers scan copy for words it is not allowed to use — words like Muslim and Islam.

“The government is constantly monitoring this publication to make sure none of these words are published,” explains our guide during a visit to the offices of al Fazl, the newspaper of the Ahmadiyya sect in Pakistan.

This is Rabwah, the town the Ahmadis built when they fled the killings of Muslims in India at Partition in 1947, and believing themselves guided by God, chose a barren stretch of land where they hoped to make the Punjab desert bloom.

Affluent and well-educated, they started out camping in tents and mud huts near the river and the railway line.

Now they have a town of some 60,000 people, a jumble of one- and two-storey buildings, along with an Olympic size swimming pool, a fire service and a world class heart institute.

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  1. It is true that intolerance in Pakistan is on rise rapidly and all the stakeholders are responsible for that, politicians, lawmakers, judiciary, police and mostly the religious clerics and leaders, who have changed their priorities from teaching religion and moral values now their priorities are spreading hatred, issuing fatwas against mankind, promoting violence and bloodshed. Very sad!!!

    One incident, which is difficult to be seen or to be narrated, as it was so heinous and an insult to mankind. However, that is a clear example for this intolerance. Two days ago a drug addicted entered into a mosque and tried to steal a water motor (cost approximately three four thousand rupees) the imam of the mosque saw him and with the help of the people they arrested the thief and they took the law into their own hands and punished the thief on the spot.

    The punishment they decided is a clear example of the ordinary people as well as the religious clerics. The cut his half hair of the head, shaved the moustache, cut the eye brows, coloured his face black, hanged shows around his neck, they rode him on the donkey (which is a symbol of grave humiliation in Pakistan) and they marched around the town together with a crowd of people. Chanting slogans and raising voices against him. They humiliated him as much as they could. This incident was shown on the television, and it was hard to see. (Astaghfirullah).

    And this was not the first incident of this kind, but, such incidents take place on regularly basis but mostly remain unreported.

    May God the Almighty give them wisdom and guidance to realize the truth and they establish human dignity in their hearts. Ameen

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