Day: July 16, 2011

Human trafficking , Mauritius a source country  Human trafficking : Mauritius a source country        Clinton said that “the ease of transportation and the global communications that can reach deep into villages with promises and pictures of what a better life might be, we now see that more human beings are exploited than before. There […]

Arab culture in London’s limelight

By SHEYMA BUALI, LIFE.SYLLE@ARABNEWS.COM London’s three-week long Shubbak festival of contemporary Arab culture opened on Monday on a strong note from Tamer Abou Ghazaleh, Zeid Hamdan and Maryam Saleh, performing together for the first time in Europe. The first week of Shubbak sped by with music, history, film and literature […]

OIC’s role in the islamic world

By MAHA AKEEL, LIFE.STYLE@ARABNEWS.COM This book answers the question: What has the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), recently renamed as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, done in the past 40 years of its existence? It courageously addresses some existential questions of its relevance and place in today’s complicated, interconnected […]

Syria News Fatigue?

I am just wondering whether the readers are tired to read every day similar News of unrest in Syria, for instance… but the struggle continues… Syrians call for civil disobedience By REUTERS ISTANBUL: Syrians should wage a campaign of civil disobedience to try to force President Bashar Assad from power, […]

OIC, West pledge to combat intolerance

By SIRAJ WAHAB | ARAB NEWS ISTANBUL: In what can rightly be described as a seminal step in relations between the Muslim world and the Western world, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the leading nations of the Western world led by the United States and the European Union agreed Saturday to […]

iTunes U: Learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

Source: iTunes University iTunes U — a powerful distribution system for everything from lectures to language lessons, films to labs, audiobooks to tours — is an innovative way to get educational content into the hands of students Imagine students touring archaeological sites, watching historical footage, or studying the sound of […]

Reform rabbis against boycott law

Source: Dozens of members of Council of Progressive Rabbis sign ‘manifesto’ calling controversial bill adopted by Knesset ‘a dangerous move unlike any other, which repeatedly erodes Israel’s Jewish character’ Dozens of Reform rabbis have signed a “manifesto” against the boycott bill adopted by the Knesset this week and are […]

Israelis, Palestinians must unite to end occupation

Source: “The will of Israel” does not derive from civilian, minority-majority norms, nor is it based on a constitution that guarantees minority rights and defines when a minority has the option to rise up against the government. Instead, “the will of Israel” derives from an ultra-nationalist version of the […]

Pakistan, a place where non-Muslims also live; Ahmadi Muslims face severe persecution resulting in death

You can only know that non-Muslims also exist in Pakistan if you come into direct contact with one, not otherwise. PHOTO: AFP Source/Credit: The Express Tribune: A lot has been written about the plight of minorities in Pakistan– some by minorities themselves but mostly by the majority. In most such […]

The All-American

  Kerry in Kabul, with a rug given to him by the governor of Balkh province.John Kerry surprised a lot of people when he endorsed Barack Obama for president in early 2008. Kerry was a longtime friend of Obama’s chief rival, Hillary Clinton. He had served in the Senate for […]