Pakistan, a place where non-Muslims also live; Ahmadi Muslims face severe persecution resulting in death

You can only know that non-Muslims also exist in Pakistan if you come into direct contact with one, not otherwise. PHOTO: AFP

Source/Credit: The Express Tribune:

A lot has been written about the plight of minorities in Pakistan– some by minorities themselves but mostly by the majority.

In most such reports, analyses and blogs, the focus has been on the aggressive tactics used by a violent and regressive few to intimidate and persecute the middle to lower-middle class of Christians and Hindus. I speak not of Ahmadis, as the persecution they face is a more severe one resulting in death and legislation-led despair. Theirs is a plight I pray for daily.

In this piece, however, I want to focus on another aspect of the issue that minorities face in this self-proclaimed yet ill-implemented citadel of Islam: intellectual discrimination.

The episode I am about to relate to you has happened to me four times already since March, and countless times in my travels around the world.

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