Christianity: Should it evolve into Islam?

With a tsunami of agnosticism and atheism sweeping across Europe and atrocities of terrorism sweeping through all the Muslim countries, the crying need for better Theism is being heard loud and clear through out the world!
All Christian apologists highlight the dangers of atheism in their writings and speeches, but most of them lack the sincerity of purpose to let the best theistic paradigm or tradition, stand against atheism. For example, Pope Benedict XVI had equated atheism to Nazism, in a recent trip to UK, but he seldom shows any openness to let Islam stand against this scourge. In the book, Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures, he highlights the crisis created by lack of faith in God, but continues to sell the outdated and rejected medicine of Christian dogma. Never conceding even once that Islam could be an alternative theistic paradigm. My purpose in life is to demonstrate to the Western world that Christianity and atheism are not the only two rational theological options. Islam as understood by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community needs to be considered with an open mind as a solution for the crisis of culture, enunciated by the Pope in his book. I believe that if we genuinely contrast agnosticism and atheism with Christianity, we would realize that the third option of Islam offers greater intellectual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.


Pope is not the only Christian apologist guilty of this myopic vision. Almost all Christian apologists and theologians are guilty of this short sighted attempt of trying to maintain monopoly on truth. Here, let me mention another Christian apologist, who recently debated with the atheists to show the limitations of atheist’s life view and how they would define the purpose of universe and life, namely William Lane Craig.  Click here to watch the video:

But, all his life he has kept his head buried in the sand of Christian dogma and never looked around to genuinely examine other theistic paradigms, Judaism, Unitarian Christianity and Islam. The tragedy created by this stubborn insistence on Trinitarian Christianity has been examined in a Google-Knol by me.

Christianity should evolve into Islam, because Jesus did not die on the cross:

Christianity should evolve into Islam as Trinity has no legs to stand on!  Read more:

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  1. Excellent!The article is full of knowledge, research and wisdom as always!

    Evolution is the natural principal God Almighty seems to have used in the monotheistic religions. Jesus Christ was sent at a time when Judaism needed to be reformed to fulfill the needs of that era and society. Similarly Islam came at a time when Christianity needed to evolve in to a universal religion so that it could adapt to the upcoming global world.

    The image above speaks of the theme. Both faces are mirror images. When the red was failing amber evloved as a preparation to the world ahead.

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