Bad Borders, Good Neighbours

TODAY, as American, European, Russian and United Nations officials meet in Washington to discuss the future of the Middle East peace process, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, remains adamant that a peace deal premised on returning to Israel’s pre-1967 borders poses an unacceptable risk to its security.

He is right: the country’s 1967 borders are not militarily defensible. But his use of this argument to reject the only viable formula for Israeli-Palestinian peace — a negotiated two-state solution based on mutually agreed upon land swaps — is wrong, and it does not serve Israel’s security interests.

Israel needs peace with the Palestinians, and that will likely require a return to the 1967 lines with a few adjustments. These borders can be made defensible if they come with a security package consisting of a joint Israeli-Palestinian security force along the West Bank’s border with Jordan, a demilitarized Palestinian state and a three-way Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian defense treaty. Combined with such a package, the balanced formula President Obama outlined in his May 19 speech can give Israel the security it needs and deserves.

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  1. Israel should agree to US formula. As long as US is sole super power and backs Israel no threat to its security. Even in Yom Kapur war of 1973, when Egyptian Army was about to tear apart Israel, the then PM of Israel Mrs Goldameir forced the US President to interfere. Just one telephone call was made to Egytian President with two options; either to pull back to line of start or removal of Egypt from the world map. Threat of use of Atom Bomb was used. With in hours things settled. So PM of Israel should listen to his big boss and let the area enjoy peace at least for the time being.

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