In praise of rightist Israel

A poll showing the strengthening of the “rightist-haredim” bloc was published here last weekend. According to the poll, under any circumstances we shall see the Likud leader elected for prime minister, and he would be able to choose a centrist or rightist coalition without having to contend with a hostile Leftist parliament. These figures are not unique or incidental.

Several processes are slowly making Israel’s Jewish society more conservative. This is not just a result of demography, which is working in favor of the haredim and traditionalist Jews and against the seculars. We are dealing with a plethora of cultural tendencies that have nothing to do with births.

The Jewish bookshelf is sweeping many groups and is turning into an element that holds ideological, not only cultural, influence on those joining the trend. The “Jewish new age era,” a sort of counter-reaction to the “candle era” of the peace children, is lifting geographical boundaries.

Samaria is suddenly turning into a site that belongs to “every Jew.” Workshops and trips there constitute the settlers’ “quiet revolution.” Even celebrities who “discovered” the synagogue at the heart of Tel Aviv are starting to arrive.

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