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Lebanon is a sectarian nation, yet it has avoided civil war while the Middle East burns – here’s why

Reconstructed after the civil war, the army is the only totally non-sectarian force in the country. It’s also the only institution that still works. Without it, conflict may yet have reignited Robert Fisk in Beirut @indyvoices 132 comments ‘The identity of Lebanon is sectarian’: Hezbollah supporters demonstrate against the Lebanese Government, […]

Refugee Exodus From Mosul Begins

Source: The Daily Beast Nearly 1,000 civilians have fled the besieged city of Mosul, crossing the border into Syria, in the first known large group that’s been able to escape since Iraq began trying to liberate its second-largest metro area from control by the Islamic State terror group. More than […]

U.S. Suspends Talks With Russia Over Syria

Source: Time By Matthew Lee / AP (WASHINGTON) — In a sharp deterioration of relations, the U.S. on Monday suspended diplomatic contacts with Russia over Syria, while Moscow halted cooperation on a joint program for disposal of weapons-grade plutonium. The U.S. move followed a threat last week from Secretary of State […]