Murdoch’s muddle

Is this Britain’s own Watergate with consequences that could prove as disastrous for Cameron as they had been for Nixon? The prime minister may try hard to put up a brave face, pretending to be outraged by the shenanigans of Murdoch’s media empire even as he tries to smear everyone with the muck that he finds himself in over the phone-hacking scandal. “We have all been in this together” was the refrain in his speech on Friday, drawing attention to the close ties his Labour predecessors enjoyed with Murdoch.

That however is unlikely to rescue Cameron from the storm that has exploded in his face and could very well prove the undoing of his government. Of course, the intense love affair between Blair and Murdoch, who owns nearly half of the British press, is hardly a secret. It may have played a decisive role in Blair making it to 10, Downing Street and poor Gordon Brown being thrown out of it after Murdoch switched his patronage to Tories.

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