Case of cruel Intentions

source:times of india


Couples across the country file for divorce on grounds of ‘mental cruelty’. What does the term mean? TOI-Crest explores.

All cruelty springs from weakness, ” said Roman philosopher Seneca. Words that ring true even today. They hold good not just when cruel acts are committed to unleash terror on unsuspecting, innocent residents of a city but also across a large number of households, within marriages where the bond of trust and togetherness gets torn, usually never to heal again.

In a line of judgments where the higher judiciary has deplored acts of mental cruelty by a husband or wife, the Delhi high court recently observed that accusing a wife of having an illicit affair without any evidence is one of the worst forms of mental cruelty that a husband can inflict. It isn’t the first time that the court gave this finding and advocates practicing divorce law are almost unanimous when they say it may not be the last.

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