TWAS-ARO Young Arab Scientist (YAS) prize 2011 – Deadline for Application: 1 August 2011

Deadline for Application: 1 August 2011

“Chemistry for Sustainable Development in the Arab World”

In celebration of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011), TWAS-ARO YAS prize will be with the theme being: “Chemistry for Sustainable Development in the Arab World

Chemistry can, and should be part of solutions to many societal problems in the Arab World. In a world where headlines daily proclaim the global challenges in providing sustainable food and energy, protecting the environment, improving health care, and providing education for future generations.

The prize will be awarded to a young Arab scientist who has significant contributions in the field of chemistry to solve current problems in the Arab region. The prize holds a financial contribution of US$ 3,000 and will be announced by December 2011.

Application criteria

The nominee should be:

1. An Arab country native.
2. Residing and working in an Arab country.
3. Holds a PhD.
4. Has remarkable contribution in his/her field.
5. Less than 40 years by 1 January 2011.

Nominations will only be accepted and valid from:

1-Members of TWAS-ARO

2-Science Academies, National Research Councils, Universities, Scientific Institutions from the Arab region.
A signed, stamped official nomination letter should be sent along with the nomination form, CV and list of publications to the address and email shown below.

N.B: Self-nominations are not valid .

The complete nomination form and other requirements should be sent before 1 August 2011 to:;, copying: and/or by postal mail to: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, P.O. Box 138, Chatby 21526, Alexandria, Egypt. Tel: +(203) 4839999; Fax: +(203) 4820469 – Attention: Ms. Heba Maram


Nomination Form


Source: Science Network Development

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