A trigger for discourse

Source: The Globe and Mail

……. Linking acts of terrorism with Islam has become trope to the 21st-century journalistic tragedians. But there’s a larger narrative. The emerging portrait of Anders Behring Breivik, the man in custody for carrying out both the bombing and the shooting rampage at a youth camp, reveals a man deeply immersed in hate. Writings found at his home and posted on the Internet are a profile of a violent psyche awaiting a trigger to act.

Not All Muslims are Terrorists, But All Terrorists are Not Muslim Either

Those triggers are plentiful in Europe these days. The alarming pace at which Islamic and Christian right-wing verbal clashes have escalated has set the stage for the violent fringe to justify their murderous outbursts. And the rhetoric has reached dizzying heights. Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician recently acquitted on charges of inciting hatred, is warning that a “tsunami of Islamification” is threatening the Netherlands. One of his party’s key demands – one that Mr. Breivik has voiced – is an end to immigration, particularly Islamic immigration. He goes so far as to propose that Dutch Muslims who don’t “assimilate” be stripped of their citizenship and thrown out of the country.

European Muslims have confessed their growing frustration with politicians such as Mr. Wilders, as well as their fears that the confrontational atmosphere will lead to more violence. Academics studying Islamic radicalization also warn that the success of the extreme right in Europe is a bad sign of things to come.

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