Bangladesh teachers arrested over ‘blasphemous’ drama

AFP: DHAKA: Police in Bangladesh said on Saturday they had arrested two school teachers on suspicion of staging a drama containing blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Mohammed.

The school’s Muslim headmaster and a female Hindu teacher were detained on Friday as thousands protested the play following weekly prayers at Kaliganj, 250 kilometres southwest of the capital Dhaka, police chief Farid Uddin said.

“The drama contained blasphemous remarks about the Prophet, which angered Muslim villagers,” the local police official told AFP.

He said the teachers had been accused of “hurting religious sentiment” for helping organise the drama at their school.

At least 3,000 demonstrators barricaded a key road and held noisy protests in front of the school and in other towns in the district on Friday.



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  1. Cannot Non-Ahmadi Muslims EVER be non-violent about any protest? Have they found in Islamic history any example by the Holy Prophet (pbuh), or in the Holy Qur’an, on how he dealt with the blasphemers of his time? Did he turn violent?

    Definitely NOT! And I tried finding out what was blasphemous (according to them), in that drama, but, unfortunately, this very vital information has been left out of the entire write-up.

    So, we don’t even know what the Bangladeshi public found offensive.

  2. In the Name of Allah the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Although every Muslim loves Holy Prophet p b u h more than any other love and as a principle care should be taken by others not to injure their feelings, however Muslims should depict the high moral of patience following the high moral examples of Holy Prophet p b u h , He never ever took revenge from any one for his sake. Many blasphemies has been recorded in the history and in the Holy Quran for which no punishment had been given to the blasphemers one such example is of Abdullah bin Oba-ee claiming himself most respectable while to holy Prophet as Na-aouzobllah most retched mean person. Holy Quran has recorded his blasphemy, he was not only not killed, his namaz-e-janza was offered by Holy Prophet p b u h himself and the Holy Prophet gave his shirt for his coffin. This was the High noble example of the Holy Prophet p b u h to follow. We should present him asRahmatullil-aalameen.
    Zarif Ahmad

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