For the Love of Islam: The Service of Humanity to Serve Allah The represent the best of living Islam. The love of humanity as taught by the Holy Prophet of Islam (may blessings of Allah be upon him). Not only do they bring a relief to suffering humanity in Japan, but bring with them the prayers of Muslims from across the world.

Ayaz and Nadeem are workers with Humanity First, a humanitarian organization that has been working worldwide since the Yugoslavian crisis in the ’90s. They are emigres from Pakistan who have chosen to live and work in Japan. Nadeem has a Japanese wife and lives in Nagoya. When the Tohoku disaster occurred, Nadeem , reluctantly said goodbye to his 1-month baby daughter so he could bring relief to Tohoku. For 8 hard weeks, the two lived on the floor of the Minato-sho Shelter’s gymnasium, serving curry to the victims. In spite of such personal challenges inherent in doing relief work in the face of a “Thousand-Year Tsunami” these heroes sacrificed themselves for the victims. They are living proof that compassion is universal, regardless of country of origin.

Watch Video here: 

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