Most Atheist Countries 2022

Arguably the opposite of religion, atheism is a disbelief in the existence of God or any other divine being. The term “atheist” is slightly ambiguous. It is frequently applied to a wide range of spiritual stances, from people who’ve simply never considered the existence of a higher power to those […]

The Way of the Warrior: Samurais and Spirituality

Naba Ghauri Syed WORLD RELIGIONS 26th January 2021 Naba Ghauri Syed, Japan https://www.reviewofreligions.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/samurai-warrior-smalll-shutterstock_1345891196-768×768.jpeg ‘There are, if I may so say, three powerful spirits, which have from time to time, moved on the face of the waters, and given a predominant impulse to the moral sentiments and energies of mankind. These […]