Humanity First

Humanity First Indonesia continues its relief efforts in Palu, Sulawes after earthquake and Tsunami

Posted on 18 Oktober 2018 (sorry, google translate being used): Representative of HF Indonesia, Ir. Kandali Achmad and Ahmad Masihuddin and the Head of Public Relations and Protocol Section of the Central Arsyas Province DPRD secretariat. Pontoh, MH during a photo session with the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government Assistant II, Dr. […]

Tanzania: Humanity First hands breast cancer scanner to Muhimbili Hospital

By Judica Tarimo An international charity organization, Humanity-First, has donated breast-cancer diagnosis machines to the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), a major boost to the protracted battle against breast-cancer. The assistance was extended as part of the organization’s world-wide initiative to support pro-poor development endeavours, Humanity-First is a brainchild of Ahmadiyya […]

Humanity First shows way to Interfaith copoperation

By Rabbi Dow Marmur, The Toronto Star–marmur-humanity-first-shows-way-to-interfaith-co-operation Every denomination of every religion I know insists that it practices the most authentic version of the teachings of its founders. But unlike fundamentalists, liberals are less likely to claim that others always get it wrong. The Ahmadiyya sect of Islam is […]