A Young German Ahmadi Honoured!

Credit: Wasim Ahmad Butt.

By Zubair Khan



Mamdouh Ahmed Butt with German Chancellor Chancellor Angela Merkel.

When ever any Ahmadi achieves any distinction it gives immense pleasure to whole of the Jamaat. Mention of such achievements by Ahamdies pave the ways for others to follow the same path.  By the grace of Almighty Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany is full with such potential.  Both male and female belonging to Ahamdiyya community are excelling in many fields including politics which till recently was considered as taboo for the Pakistani origin Ahamdies. Now this news will beheard with great pleasure and satisfaction that Mamdouh Ahmed Butt son of Mr Waseem A Butt from Heidelberg got elected as chairman of the youth council Heidelberg. He is the youngest and first ever Chairman with foreign background of the Heidelberg  youth council  .He belongs to Waqfe Nau Tehrik and is very active “Khadam” of his Majlis. Recently he was invited for a dialogue with German Chancellor Chancellor Angela Merkel, being the chairman of the youth council. In this endeavour he very successfully conveyed the voice of local youth to National Head of the German Government. For meeting with German Chancellor he was accompanied by the Lord Mayor of Heidelberg, Dr. Eckart Würzner, as well as the Member of Parliament Dr. Karl Lamers belonging to Heidelberg constituency.
During the meeting following three important matters came under discussion.
1. Greater cultural learning through greater promotion of student exchange.
2. Everyone must stay watchful to keep up with the changes of the Internet.
3. Strengthening of  the volunteer service in the community..

In special personal conversation, the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked young Ahmadi Mamdouh Ahmed Butt for his political commitment and wished him complete success as the youngest and first chairman of immigrant origin for council of Heidelberg.  She also emphasised on hard work amongst the youth as the future of any nation depends on young generation.

On behalf of Muslim Time heartiest congratulations to Mamdouh Ahmed Butt with special prayers for his complete success in all noble assignments.


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12 replies

  1. Heartiest conratulations to Mamdouh and his father Wasim who groomed him well for the noble achievement.

  2. Mubarak!to Mamdooh and wasim Butt.May Allah make this achievement a door for furthur greater achievements.amin

  3. Mamdooh and wasim Butt aap ko bohat bohat Mubarik ho. Alhamdolilah awr Mashalllah, Khuda hamesha aap ko Ahmadiyat Islam and Waqfey nau tehrik ki shandaar misaal banaey rakhey.Amen. Ham sab ki duaaen aap key sath hain.

    “Allah karey zorey bayan awr ziyada”

  4. On behalf of Canada Jamat we offer our Congratulations to Mamdouh. You have made all of us very proud of your accomplishments. Maybe some day you will be sitting in the Chancellor’s seat. Insha Allah

  5. Mubarak sad Mubarak . May Allah bless u with more Bounties , His Fazl & make u usefull person for real islam which is ahmadiyyat , a’ameen

  6. On 22nd of March, this young Ahmadi was again invited by the Counsel General of Pakistan Frankfurt in his offic. CG pakistan praised the young Ahmadi and remained with him for about one hour. Later CG invited him and his father to be his guests on 23rd of March for flag hoisting ceremony, an event scheduled to celebrate the Paksitan Day. Congratulations Mr Mamdouh.

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