India Eyes Muslims Left Behind by Quota System

Source: The New York Times


MUZAFFARNAGAR, India — Along the narrow lane known as Khadar Wallah, Muslims and low-caste Hindus have lived side by side for years, bound by poverty, if not religion. Yet recently, Muslims like Murtaza Mansuri have noticed a change. Their neighbors have become better off.

Many of the Dalits, the low-caste Hindus once known as untouchables, have gotten government jobs, or slots in public universities, opportunities that have meant stable salaries and nicer homes. And to Mr. Mansuri the reason is clear: the affirmative action quotas for low-caste Hindus, a policy known in India as reservation, which is not explicitly available to Muslims.

“We are way behind them,” Mr. Mansuri, who repairs rickshaws for a living, said on a recent afternoon. “Reservation is essential for Muslims. If we don’t get education, we will remain backward, while others move forward and forward.”


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2 replies

  1. Assalam-o-alaikum, hope this comment reaches you and you get time to read it. Insha Allah.
    I invite you to visit India, which is a country of diversity. So that you come and see level of tolerance and fraternity amongst peoples of different faith, excluding certain exceptions.
    I have read many prophecies from the writings of Masih Maud(a.s.) and from the hindu scriptures and understood that this country is bound to provide a system to the world, which too will collapse before the system destined to exist for long comes into place. i.e. NWO of Islam. I have also read prophecies and understood things will change in due course. So we have no reason to go against our country, but live with the realities. It’s not that bad, provided you get used to it.
    Just an honest feedback I will give you, as I have been reading most of your articles under India tag. I have met people who are deobandi, barelvi, shias. But none of them expressed such hard feelings towards India. I am afraid to say that I smell wahabi/salafi influence here. If you have any such friends who are wahabi/salafi/far-right islamist. Just a suggestion, get rid of them. Hope and pray that we Ahmadies will be able to live by the standards of compassion, truce and wisdom taught to us by Masih Maud(a.s.) and treat those who hate us with love and patience. 
    As for the article let me post something which showcases the otherside.
    List of Organisations offering scholarships to Muslim students
    As per my opinion reservation which is stressed by Daruul-uloom Deoband(who also stress for ban of hajj for Ahmadies and declaring us as “kafir”) and fanatics alike. Which in return is the delight of islamophobes and muslim-hater far-right and the right wing alike. If this article is to be taken seriously then it can serve as a nail in the coffin of muslims of India. I hope and pray this never becomes a serious issue in domestic politics here.
    Do not take it otherwise, but if a parallel can be drawn of the articles of the posts you have posted so far, it can be compared with that of a muslim fanatic whose words can greatly aid Gerald wilders. Hope you harbor no hate against us, just because of our nationality. As even Masih Maud(a.s.) was an inhabitant of this country.

    • We are very glad to read comments from Muslims of India. Yes, your voice must be heard and The Muslim Times will be pleased to give you that voice. Keep up your contributions please!

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