Are Christians Living in the Last Days?

Author Comments on End Times, Mayan Calendar and Harold Camping

Bill Salus, an author, researcher and lecturer who focuses on the prophetic relevance of current Middle East and world events, claims that the Rapture will occur soon – and that Christians today might even be living in the last days.

Among the plethora of end times views that have emerged, there are many different beliefs on when the Rapture will happen, when Jesus will return, and how the prophecies written in the Book of Revelation might unfold.

Is it going to happen?

The Rapture, the event that some claim is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, is a belief that believers will be taken into heaven, leaving unrepentant sinners behind on Earth to experience His judgment.

Some observers, like the Rev. Gerald Haug, an author and theologian, claim that the Rapture will not be about Jesus taking believers into heaven, as commonly believed. Haug also insists that the world will not end at least for another 100 years.

Salus, however, who is a bestselling author and has been featured on World Net Daily, various magazines, and extensively over the Internet, claims that the Middle East events, such as the occurance of Arab revolutions and threats against Israel, might very well be signs of the end times foretold in the Bible. Read more

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