Every Friday with Khalifatul Ahmadiyya

Source: http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/why-muslim-lawyers-need-a-petition/

…continued from last week.

The moral degradation of those who raised obscene allegations against the Holy Prophet and produced or worked for this film can be accessed from media reports regarding them.

The main person behind the film is said to be a Coptic Christian living in the US by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula or is referred to “Sam Bacile” or something or the other who is reported to have a criminal background and served time in jail in 2010 for fraud. The person who directed the film is a director of pornographic films and all the actors who featured in the film are actors of pornographic films. The excesses of pornography are beyond envisagement. So, this is the level of their morality. This is how low they have stooped in filth and indecency, yet they purport to criticise that person whose high morals and purity even God testified to. By committing this obscene act, they surely continue to invite the wrath of God. The sponsors and supporters of this film also cannot avoid God’s punishment, amongst whom is also a Christian priest, who time and again for cheap publicity in the US has attempted to burn the Holy Qur’an.

The news item which has been given regarding the protests and objections of the Muslims was that 1.8 billion Muslims were reacting in a childish manner. Some sections of the media have condemned this film and have also condemned the reaction of the Muslims. Inappropriate reactions should indeed be condemned, but it should also be noted who instigated this. As I said earlier, it is the misfortune of Muslims that this has happened because they have no unity and leadership. Despite claiming to have ardent love and affection for the Holy Prophet, they are distant from their faith. They may claim to be strong in faith, but they have no knowledge of religion and are also continuously weakening in a worldly sense.

I also drew attention towards forming a robust plan of action so that in future no one would even dare to insult in this way, but if only Muslims paid heed to this. Every single Ahmadi should also make efforts to convey this message. By [Muslims] merely protesting for a short while and then keeping silent the problem will not be resolved. One suggestion was presented (often people present various suggestions) that all of the Muslim lawyers of the world should join together and form a petition. If only Muslim lawyers with international standing deliberated upon the feasibility of this, or would come up with another option.

For how long will you continue observing such vulgar and obscene acts?
For how long will you go on protesting and causing damage and destruction, only to fall silent thereafter?

Read more of Khalifatul Maseeh’s Khutba-e-Jumah @ http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/why-muslim-lawyers-need-a-petition/

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