Help Stop the Fighting in Gaza and Middle East

By Zahir Muhammad Mannan

“And when your Lord says to the governing Angels: “Surely I am going to establish in the earth a meek representative. They passionately say: “If You establish (as a leader) by honoring one (person or people) in the (earth) from among the disorder that exists there, You will cause destructive bloodshed due to envy! And we glorify in your worship and we extol your holiness. (God) said: “Surely, I know that which you cannot possibly fathom!” (Quran 2:31)

“Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No, you can’t. Yes, I can. No, you can’t. Yes, I can…” Though only some know the Broadway musical to which these charmingly obnoxious lyrics belong, all of us are undeniably accustomed to such immature vanity. The real life repercussions of this age-old feud, however, are not so amusing. Take, for example, the relentless chaos in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza. Naturally, we empathize witnessing the barbaric bloodshed and abiding destruction from the comfort of our homes, but who’s actually doing something about it? But, what can we do you ask? I’ll let you figure that out. Nevertheless, As a Muslim Ahmaderican (Ahmadi – American) who believes in both Messiahs, Jesus and Ahmad (p.b.u.t), I urge my dear compatriots not to rally biasedly against Israel or Palestine encouraging hate and bringing the unrest home. Rally, rather, against fighting itself! I beg you to stop the futile brawling by seeking relief through “gentle patience and heartfelt prayers” (Quran 2:46). We would live in a far better world If only we would discharge my community’s enlightening formula; “Love for all, hatred for none.”

By the way, do you know what month we’re in? November, of course, but we’re also in the Jewish month of Kislev and the Islamic month of Muharram. In November Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday. The Jewish month Kislev from Hebrew means “thickened” and “positive hope”. Muharram from Arabic means “unlawful” because fighting is prohibited as it is one of the four sacred months in Islam. Mixing these diverse meanings together we concoct a shared ethos especially vibrant in this time of year; let’s express true thanks through sanctifying righteous hope, the hope that loathe between siblings under God will end at last!

God’s reward and love be with you always.

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  1. These are my thoughts shared by friends and neighbor. I am writing this from Haifa the city of peaceful co-existence.

    This current round of battling in our South has been depressing in the fact that it had to happen. There has not been any political way of getting the Hamas terrorists to stop firing explosives at our civilians. This tragically has been the history of life in Israel since the Jewish people returned to our ancestral homeland in 1948. Many of my friends and neighbors have fought in several wars. Many of them spent their early childhoods sleeping in bomb shelters. I have many friends in the Palestinian territories as the result of interfaith efforts with both The Catholic Focolare and other groups. I pray that they are well and safe. I participate in interfaith activities in Israel with our Muslim Ahmadiyya and Druze friends as well.
    We all suffer the terror and horrors of our regional conflict. Twenty percent of Israelis are not Jewish. I am referring to those who live with the borders that existed before 1967. We manage to live together in a fairly jaded but basically democratic society.

    We hope that the fighting has ended. However, no one knows which way this engagement will ultimately turn, and we are bracing ourselves for the worst yet still hoping for the best. We are all saddened by the deaths and injuries of everyone on both sides of this battle. I have learned from personal experience that many Israelis and Palestinians seek peace and justice.

    Defeat in this region is not an option for us Jews. The greatest hope is for a political settlement. Peace treaties will surely involve compromise. Peace will allow our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren to live without fear of being bombed. They will attend their schools safely, without the need for air raid sirens and bomb shelters. We would rejoice to see our Palestinians friends and neighbors live in peace and dignity with us. I am indeed convinced that many if not most Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Druze citizens living in our region yearn to live in peace and with dignity.

  2. Peaceful environment for human living is as necessary as food and water. Exempt peace life freezes. Living in fear is worse then death.
    Muslims are oppressed in the region but if they in return use the tacts that violate Islamic commands they will not win. If they retaliate abiding within Allahs’ command then it is His promise ten will overcome hundred of the opponents. God never does against His promise. Muslims have to think where they are making this dreadful mistake which is not helping them gain anything but destruction and unrest. Generations after generations this unrest continues. And no one knows when it might end.
    Both side needs to fear God. And be just. Only then it can be resolved. They have to correct their conduct in order to receive Allah’s Mercy. Both believe in one Divine God. And yet do not fear Him and violate human rights.

    Palestine the Land Of Prophets

    Palestine the land of Abraham
    Land of Ishmael, Isaac and Jesus
    The land of Prophets
    Is injured and bleeding
    weeping and grieving
    The nations of two brothers
    Are blood thirsty of each other’s
    The land that was so sacred
    Has become a target of hatred
    The point that could bring them closer
    Has parted them even farther
    The Holy place that they both take delight
    Has become a cause to fall in a fight
    Alas! What a plight
    who will ever fix this dispute?
    It is You my God absolute!
    O’ Allah they both believe in you
    Help them solve it true
    For half a century this land is suffering
    No day is safe no night comforting
    Many a youths strong and gorgeous
    Lost their lives
    Leaving their children orphaned
    Widowing their wives
    Peace and harmony since long battered
    Business and economy is shattered
    Infants snatched from mother’s lap
    Can There be a greater mishap?
    Can there ever be an end
    to this unacceptable dangerous trend?
    O’ Allah put in their hearts
    Faith, justice and mercy
    so that each other’s rights
    they can see
    So that each other’s rights they can see

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