Day: November 30, 2012

Global Religion and Isolationist Dialogue

Source: Patheos: As I read through various newspapers these last few weeks the news brought me this: Christian churches burned in India, with pastors and members terrorized by Hindu nationalists while the police did nothing. More threats by Arab and Iranian Muslims against Israel, with a backdrop of hatred for […]

How to raise taxes on the rich

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The line in the sand in the fiscal cliff talks is clear: Democrats will only agree to a deal that raises the tax burden on high-income households. Democrats want to accomplish that goal largely through higher tax rates. Republicans hate that idea and say any new […]

Kazakhstan: Shiahs and Ahmadis not welcome

KAZAKHSTAN: Muslim Board Islamic monopoly, Catholic exemption By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service , and Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 News Service Kazakhstan’s Muslim and Catholic communities have been given different treatment to other communities in state decisions on whether they are allowed to exist, Forum 18 News Service has […]

Business: $500 Million Powerball Jackpot: The Tragic Stories of the Lottery’s Unluckiest Winners Need a little proof that money doesn’t buy happiness? For these 10 lottery winners, cashing in turned out to have been the worst decision of their lives.

The Unlucky Winners By Nick Carbone RICHARD BURKHART / THE MORNING NEWS / AP Powerball tickets are printed Tuesday afternoon at the Shell Station on Chatham Parkway in Savannah, Ga. […]

How Israel lost Europe’s support

Following France’s lead, one EU country after another changed their votes in favor of the Palestinians. By Barak Ravid, HAARETZ, Israel As the hours wore on Thursday, the magnitude of the Israeli defeat in the United Nations General Assembly became continually clearer. One after another, the Foreign Ministry and Prime […]