Global Religion and Isolationist Dialogue

Source: Patheos:

As I read through various newspapers these last few weeks the news brought me this:

  • Christian churches burned in India, with pastors and members terrorized by Hindu nationalists while the police did nothing.
  • More threats by Arab and Iranian Muslims against Israel, with a backdrop of hatred for Jews stoked by Muslim leaders.
  • Shi’ite and Ahmadiyya mosques in Pakistan burned by Sunni extremists, and vandalism of mosques in the US by Christians.
  • And so on.


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  1. It is very sad and sorry situation that followers of all religions have taken up arms against each other. They are not peaceful. It is the duty of religious leaders of all faiths to preach Peace.
    Governments should not interfere in the matters of faiths. They should rule in a just manner and protect all people. The religion should also not oppose any government.

    That will bring some peace to the world. Every one should preach the good things of their own faith and not to abuse the people of other faiths.

    Most important of all, it was the Muslims who were holding the latest knowledge about religion which was supporting all the old faiths.

    The Muslims, after being blessed with some relief from foreign occupation, they thought they could take on the world with their might, with weapons.

    That was a serious mistake to challenge the world systems (governments) without good knowledge and material. We have seen what happened in the world war II. Did any of the Muslim countries have any comparable weapon?

    Yet many of the Muslim leaders preached collision head on. If there were some enemy agents trying to misguide some elements (and making them leaders), it was the duty of other sane persons to stop the wrong teachings.

    Hindus, Christians, Jews and Muslims, all have to decide in favor of peace. Dirty Politics has no place in religion. All religions may have a policy for politics. But there should be no political religion.

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