Day: November 21, 2012

The open wound

Daily Times: D Asghar. Our problem is that most of us Muslims see the issue of the Palestine-Israel conflict as a purely religious issue. We often ignore that this is a territorial conflict When I came to the US, and went for the Friday prayers, I use to cringe at […]

Tribute to Abdus Salam on Rawal TV

Prof John Moffat (80), professor emeritus University  of Toronto, is a former student of Dr  Abdus Salam. He did his Ph.D under Dr.  Salam in 1959 in Cambridge.  He has written a book Einstein Wrote Back: My Life in Physics.  There is a chapter on Dr. Abdus Salam in the book, where he is described as […]

Netanyahu wins a Pyrrhic victory

Source: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar On the face of it, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scored a perfect hit by launching the assault on Gaza. The score sheet for the weeklong operation codenamed “Operation Pillar of Defense” may seem to stand at 10 out of 10. More:

Gaza ceasefire hangs in the balance

by Ruth Pollard Middle East Correspondent The Sydney Morning Herald AS MIDDLE East leaders work with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to broker a ceasefire agreement acceptable to both Israel and Hamas, United Nations ambassadors in New York said the Security Council would hold an open debate on the […]

Another Day in Paradise

By Yusuf  Walker Pardon me if I have not been myself recently, but I have been racked with inner grief at the plight of the oh so poor Israel.  Every day they are terrorized by the glorified fireworks being fired at them from Palestine.  To have to bear the noise […]