Another Day in Paradise

By Yusuf  Walker

Pardon me if I have not been myself recently, but I have been racked with inner grief at the plight of the oh so poor Israel.  Every day they are terrorized by the glorified fireworks being fired at them from Palestine.  To have to bear the noise of an air raid siren day in day out is just unbearable and tantamount to terrorism.  Do the West not realize that prolonged exposure to noise pollution could eventually lead to damage to one’s ear drums.

And what of the so called justification for the “reign of terror” being exacted by those militant Palestinians.  They claim that the un-provoked assassination of the head of Hamas’s military wing (following decades of living in a blockaded apartheid state where Israel uses every opportunity to illegally land grab) is reason enough to hit back at the so-called aggressors.  Do they take us for fools.  I mean, when one is of the Chosen People then a legal concept such as having proper title to land or having occupied it for 1,000’s of years are but fictions of the non-believing mind, fictions voiced to deny the Chosen Ones from their pre-destined birthright.  And how dare the Palestinians retaliate with their state-of-the-art fireworks, surely the Chosen Ones have the right to assassinate man, woman or child (but not animal of course) if they stand in the way of their reoccupation of the Holy Land. 

They say that 90+ Palestinian men, women and children have been killed so far whilst 3 Israeli’s have met with the same fate.  But surely the blood of 1 Israeli is indeed worth that of 30 Palestinians (or more).  

Alas, my Brothers and Sisters, I may well emerge from my deep sadness, as I hear that negotiations in Cairo between the actors involved are now at an advanced stage.  Couple that with our glorious head of the United Nations stating that what is happening in Palestine has saddened him, and we have the makings of a long-lasting peace.  Indeed, I am sure a Palestinian father or mother carrying the dead remains of their children following an Israeli bomb attack would also cause them to be slightly saddened.  

Now, if that militant Hamas could only apologize unreservedly for having the temerity to object when one of their senior leaders is assassinated or for believing that the blood of a Palestinian is equal to that of an Israeli and I think we will have the makings of a permanent peace.  Here’s looking at you kid!!!

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