Day: November 18, 2012

Gaza: Flawed recourse

Story Summary Source: Daily Star, Lebanon The race is now on between a new war in the Gaza Strip, and a flurry of efforts by countries and organizations to contain the situation. Compared to the last Israeli military offensive four years ago, this time around holds more unknowns; Jerusalem and […]

Gaza dominates Twitter

BREAKING LIVE UPDATES Mohammed Ghoul@MhamdG Number of martyrs increased to 52 martyrs, including 15 children #Gaza 18 Nov 12 Reply Harry Fear@harryfear 4 children killed in Jabalia in #Gaza this morning (2 of them brothers) #StopIsrael 18 Nov 12 Reply Lina Al-Sharif @livefromgaza Tamer (3,5) & Jumnah (18 months) killed […]

Let Ahmadies, Christians and Shias die at the hand of Fellow Muslims but Protest about Gaza

Let us Build Pakistan: by Sarah Khan  اسرائیل، غزہ اور مسلمانوں کی منافقت   گزشتہ کچھ روز سے پاکستان اور دیگر مسلمان ممالک کے غیرت مند سیاستدانوں، صحافیوں، انسانی حقوق کے علمبرداروں، فوجی جرنیلوں، جہادی فرقہ وارانہ گروہوں اور اسلام کے رکھوالوں کو ایک نیا موضوع مل گیا ہے یعنی […]

What next?

Source: Friday Times. By Najam Sethi Most Pakistanis are apprehensive that the general elections scheduled early next year may be postponed on one pretext or another. This anxiety flows generally from a running conflict between the Supreme Court and the Zardari government but specifically from acute tensions between the Supreme […]