Second class citizens-Ahmadis in Pakistan

Daily Times: Mohammad Ahamd.

A number of Ahmadis have been implicated in charges under the blasphemy law, while their defence, which lies in their faith, is denied under sections 298 A, 298 B and 298 C of the PPC

Ethnic and religious communities that are in a minority in our country are having a torrid time. Hazaras, Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis and Ismailis all are at the receiving end of harassment, discrimination and hatred. All have been relegated to the status of second-class citizens and are systematically discriminated against despite their nominal status as citizens. While not being termed outlaws or criminals, they have limited civil and economic rights and are often subject to mistreatment and violence at the hands of the radicals within the country. Their recourse to legal action is also undermined by the fear that the forces of terror succeed in instilling in the minds of those who matter.

The status of Ahmadis amongst these communities is the worst. The law discriminates against them and is actually used to harass them.

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4 replies

  1. Third class citizens or worst, Ahmadis virtually have no rights at all, the moment religious feelings come into their defence Ahmadis lose everything to avail protection of the state as the “so called equal citizens” as per constitution of Pakistan. The current Pakistan is no longer of thr Quide Azam. It is mullahs Pakistan who infiltratred his “Qarardade Muqasad” to destroy the entire fabric of Pakistan then it was snatched by corrupt politicians in the name of so called democracy and army generals. God save Pakistan liberate from the satanic clutches of Mullahs.

  2. It is absolutely true. Ahmadies have no ranking as a human being in Pakistan. Second class is too high for them in Pakistan. As they are deprived of their every basic rights as a human. Freedom of choice, speech and freedom to practice their faith.If they do they have no right to live. Who can abandon one’s faith? Hence most of the Ahmadis give life but clench tight to their faith.

    Recently here as we live outside of Pakistan, we went to a Pakistani non Ahamdi family. The man had an operation. He said to us you are our Muslims brother. To hear this tears came into my eyes but I kept quiet. He said to my husband, once long ago in Pakistan he asked his Pir Saheb who was a very pious man, what was the case of Ahmadies? Are they really Kafirs? The Pr Saheb replied NO they are Muslims. They were declared non-Muslims for political reason. He further added how can I call you none Muslim when you recite Kalima?

    We thanked him saying you are a real Muslim who know Islam.

    We know that he could say it openly, only because he has no fear of Mullah here abroad. How many in Pakistan can say that even if they want to. They fear Mullah more then Allah..

    No wonder Pakistan fell under the wrath of Allah as some of its people commit the sin of declaring Kalima reciting people kafirs and make their life a hell. And the others rest do not condemn this atrocity but keeping quite and hide truth.

  3. Are there any classes of Ahmadis within Ahmadi Community first class, second class, third class and or no class can you clarify please

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