Day: November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping-Thanksgiving

Huff Post: Black Friday has now officially invaded Thanksgiving and pretty soon it will just be Black Thanksgiving — a holiday when Americans will give thanks for bargin prices. Seeking wisdom to staunch the “shop till you drop” stampede, HuffPost Religion offers these quotes from Jesus and the New Testament in hopes that they might […]

Need for de-radicalisation of Pakistan — IV

Daily Times: Dr. Haider Shah. Our national discourse is increasingly being controlled by religious leaders who run a network of seminaries. While the state-run educational institutions are hardly any better, the religious seminaries (madaaris) do not even acknowledge the formal control of the state. The students of these madaaris serve […]

Dutch local politicians under threat

Mayors and local councillors in the Netherlands are facing rising levels of violence. According to a new report, 61% of Dutch mayors have been the victims of violence or aggression. More than half of the Netherlands’ local councillors have had similar experiences. The threats, intimidation and violence perpetrated by disgruntled […]