Africa Check – for the Lies & More Damn Lies

Source: All Africa.Com

President Jacob Zuma will have South Africans believe the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. Tim Harris, the DA’s shadow minister of finance, said the gap is widening and the president is talking nonsense. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks to a new fact-checking service called Africa Check, people who love the truth can find out.

Earlier this month, President Zuma cautioned locals not to fall for propaganda or spin when it came to economic inequality. “Notions that the gap between the rich and poor in South Africa is widening is a farce,” the president said in parliament. “Why now, after 1994, do we say it’s widening?

“The inequality gap is not growing since 1994, it’s narrowing. In pre-1994, there were no black businesses. There were only corner shops and perhaps some butchery. Poverty was worse than what it is now,” Zuma said.

This story was reported in The Mercury, which offered much of Zuma’s speech in the report, and then (to be balanced) got an opposing view on the president’s statements from DA Shadow Minister of Finance Tim Harris.


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