Day: November 28, 2012

Israel on Saudi interfaith center’s board

Ynetnews: A Saudi-backed center to promote interfaith dialogue worldwide began work in Vienna on Monday by bringing hundreds of religious activists together to discuss how to promote understanding among different beliefs. Named after Saudi King Abdullah, the center is a welcome boost for bridge-building between faiths in an era of […]

UAE praised for religious tolerance

DUBAI: The Vatican’s Foreign Minister, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, has lauded the “many shared values” the city-state holds with the UAE as well the religious tolerance and freedom of worship enjoyed by Christians in the Emirates. In an interview with XPRESS, the 70-year-old archbishop said that two new churches have been […]

Egypt’s five branches of government

By Rami G. Khouri The Daily Star Lebanon The dramatic events in Egypt over the past few days following President Mohammad Mursi’s unilateral decree giving him unchallenged political authority should not surprise or frighten anyone. In fact, the continuing developments can be seen as a positive stage in the country’s […]

Palestinians face pressure not to take Israel to ICC (someone feeling guilty it seems!!!)

RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories: The Palestinians are facing “intensive pressure” not to sue Israel for war crimes at the International Criminal Court if they win upgraded UN status, an official said on Wednesday. Hanan Ashrawi, a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said that various foreign governments, led by Britain, […]

Spanish bank bailout gets go-ahead

LONDON (CNNMoney) — The European Commission has approved Spain’s plans to restructure four of its weakest banks, clearing the way for them to receive nearly €37 billion in fresh capital from the eurozone’s bailout fund. All four banks were nationalized to prevent them collapsing after Spain’s property bubble burst, leaving […]

Pakistan: Diversity in Hypocrisy

Source: LUBP: By Shoaib Mehmood Nagi Shakespeare once said ‘Few love to hear the sins they love to act’. One has to only look at the political opinions of various Pakistanis to corroborate his observation. The phenomenon of hypocrisy in Pakistan is not limited to a specific quadrant on the […]